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About JuJu Green

Julia Fellers-Green (aka JuJu Green) is the proud mother of two boys and one standard poodle, an artist and lover of color.


JuJu Green Art is the happy meeting place for her passions for art, color, design and philanthropic giving!

JuJu's background:

"I've been lucky to explore and learn many disciplines in life.  

Blown through life as my daddy would say!" 

A French major at the College of Charleston, Julia worked as an au pair and studied art and language in Paris, France following graduation. Upon returning to the states, she interned for an interior designer and enrolled in art and design school, but left quickly to pursue a career in fashion journalism -- working and writing at WWD and local Atlanta publications. Fashion writing was followed by a stint in cruise ship port shopping PR in Miami.  A move to Richmond, VA for her husband's career led to the YMCA where she learned about and worked in financial development (fundraising). Yet another career move for her husband brought Julia to Raleigh, NC where she has been busy raising her family, volunteering and painting!  

On art:

"I've had a life-long passion for watercolor and acrylic painting. I aspire to capture the colors and beauty of my southern surroundings in abstract and impressionist styles."

"My paintings are deeply inspired by my travels and the everyday sights in my Raleigh, NC and Charleston, SC homes."


A church steeple rising from the trees, a blue crab on the white sand, the swirl of the tide. There are endless sources of inspiration that make the eyes and soul dance!

On lifestyle design:

"I love the idea of  art moving from the walls and becoming part of one's everyday life. So, I've added a lifestyle component to my work.  I look forward to growing and sharing that with you!"

On business:

"I believe my experiences and passion for art, design, color and giving have all found a home in JuJu Green Art. I am thrilled by the opportunity to share my art, my designs and my philanthropic interests with you.  And, I'm so grateful and honored by your support!"

Hope ya'll enjoy!

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